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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Wedding: Clive and Sarah

A Wedding to remember forever.

Clive and Sarah @ St Luke's Church, West Norwood, London.

When the official Wedding Photographer doesn't show up...

On the 2nd of June 2012 it was the start of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, but in my church, St Luke's West Norwood, it was a wedding I'll never forget.
The main reason that I'll never forget it is because, the Groom arrived with his best man and a few minutes before the service was due to begin he told me their photographer had let them down at the last minute. Such a shame, because everyone loves to look back on their special day, and this one was going to be extra-special because of the Jubilee. Thankfully, I'm not just a vicar but also a bit of a camera-geek, so I always bring my camera to weddings hoping to capture a few shots of every happy day. So I said that I'd be happy to take a few pictures for them. Clive readily agreed and said thanks.

I posted a few on my FB page and some of my friends said from now on I should offer a full package; Wedding Service, Photography and Refreshements all in one. I had to laugh, it's hard enough conducting a wedding without the added headache of thinking about the next shot or getting people into position.

The reason the photographer let them down is still a mystery to me, but at least they've got a few nice pictures. I only hope that some of their friends got some great shots too.

The wonderful Diamond Jubilee Wedding couple: 

Clive and Sarah.

Note: all images can be viewed much larger by clicking on any single one.

The bridal party arrived in a stretched-lemo, but it was too big to fit through the gates.

Quick thinking was the order of the day because I only had one lens with me and no flash. I was using my Nikon D700 which is great for indoor low-light photography.
I hadn't thought about all the different poses I'd like to capture nor had I talked with the couple to see what they wanted to remember. However, I've conducted hundreds of weddings and seen many photographers at work, so I had a rough idea what to capture and when.

The Signing of the Registers:

With the service over, though I couldn't take some shots, I quickly got ready for some outside shots.  

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Wedding: Group Shots.

Clive and Sarah's Wedding:

All images can be viewed much larger by clicking any single one of them.

Some of the group and candid shots from the day.

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