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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Photography Bug

Life goes on but the desire doesn't die. 

Even though, I've not been able to get out on photography shoots n trips lately for all sorts of reasons; family, work, time, health, etc etc etc, that doesn't mean I've not been taking pictures, nor does it mean the desire and inclination have gone away. As Martin Luther King says; "If you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl. If you can't crawl, stop and rest, then get up and go again!" Thank to the great man for that inspiration. I'm always thinking about it :-) and Planning for it, going out that is... hopefully tomorrow morning or Saturday I'll be able to get the sunrise on the Thames... I've got the place in mind and the Photographer's Ephemeris indicates a great position for the rising sun... here's hoping I'll have some great things to share with you all soon.

We've had visits from our grandchildren.
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First Bethany came to stay for a week from Plymouth. Her mother Abi is working hard and needed us to take care of Beth for a week, so we jumped at the chance. Always gives us an excuse to get out and about in parks, play areas and the normal sightseeing venues; we went to; Godstone Farm, the Tower of London, Battersea Park, Dulwich Park, all very exciting and fun filled adventures.
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Bethany's visit was a delight as we'd not seen her for a few weeks, but now she's gone back home again to Plymouth with her mummy.

Angels with Dirty Faces: Then we've had our other two little treasures; Aminata and Leila, their mother, my daughter Steph, is due to give birth on Monday, but we had a slight mishap yesterday morning. 

They'd stayed over so that Steph could get to hospital for a scan to check on baby's progress, then when she got out of the shower she slipped on the wet floor and fell backwards onto the bath, screamed the house down and crawled into her bedroom on her hands and knees unable to stand. We immediately called an ambulance and she was taken into Kings Hospital. She'd broken or cracked two ribs, but we can't be sure as they wouldn't X-ray being so heavily pregnant and ready to pop. Steph will be so glad that I didn't grab my camera to capture the action.

So I've been looking after the two children, my wife attended hospital with Steph and their daddy continued to go to work (they need the money).

Today, I've been stuck at home, looking after the children whilst Steph is in agony; two broken ribs, no pain-killers, and lots of bruises, feet up feeling fat and miserable. We've had fun though, the weather has been kind today, sunny so we were able to get into the garden and build a tent / hut for them to play in, which they loved.
Ami and Leila enjoyed Papa's attempts at making a hut / tent in the garden with table and chair, who needs expensive play equipment? If I'd had a large cardboard box I'd have made a car / bus for them to play in too (that's what we did last time)... But the hut with cushions from the house and a picnic mat did the trick.

Daddy has come home early from work and is now looking after the children. What a wonderful few days we've had :-) Now we are just hoping that everything goes smoothly with the birth and that Steph is able to deliver naturally, we need your prayers please????

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Great Gatsby Inspiration

Great Gatsby Inspired Photo Shoot.
With Model: Hayley Ferguson. 
East London.

Firstly; Many Congratulations to Kate and William on the birth of their baby boy (name not known yet), soon to be King of Great Britain. Update: I've just learned that they've now named the Royal Baby. HRH Prince George Alexander Louis. May the Lord richly bless him in every way.

It's been a while since I last posted and a few of my friends have been wondering what's happened, be reassured, I've not been idle, my cameras are constantly at the ready and frequently firing away. Two reason for not posting as regularly; I've been working behind the scenes on artworks that have taken some time and secondly I've not been that well, (trapped nerves in my back, pain and seizures when walking or standing too long, but it's getting better slowly). There is also the fact that my main work takes up most of my time, which is always a real joy and commitment. So my photography has had to take a back seat for a while.

One good thing about that, is that even whilst I'm not busy taking shots or going on shoots, is that my creative juices still keep flowing and I'm never without an inspiration for future projects to aim for and work towards. You can't quench the photographer's eye in me, even without a camera I'm invariably making notes, both mental and physical of what inspires me. Keeping them ready for those rainy days and envisioning experiments.

Future Project: One of those on the back burner at the moment is:  the British Army during the Napoleonic war period. I want to get hold of uniform, swords, muskets, drums, rifles, flags, backdrops and props... I love watching Sharpe and like the into sequences... Mental Note turned into a physical one now... :-) If anybody knows about reenactment from this period or where I can get hold of props, please let me know...

Gatsby Shoot: Here are a few that I've been going over from a recent Great Gatsby Inspired photoshoot in London. Once again I must say the model, team and time was so precious. I'm still on the steep side of the Studio Photography learning curve, but growing with every opportunity and juncture.
Thanks: We couldn't have gotten this look without the help, resourcefulness and patience of  +Richard j a Dawson +Carl Goodwin +john bellingham What a great day it was. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work too guys, and I'll definitely be posting these on the site.

If you are interested you can get a print / framed etc by clicking here.

Sell Art Online

If you enjoy these works and words, please feel free to tweet, FB and G+, one of my goals is to inspire creativity in others too. If you'd like to know how we got these shots, then come back again soon, I'll be posting the lighting set ups, props and behind-the-scenes stuff.
Have fun and be ready always for those moments of creative genius, they sometimes come in flashes, but capture them in your mind and they'll be with you forever, capture them in print, film or paint and the world can enjoy them too. (That's just flowed from my mind)....

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